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Stephanie's Landmark BookYour guide to exceptional business writing

“If you’re looking to write content that helps your business grow, then this book is a must-read.

Stephanie provides practical advice for entrepreneurs in any industry today.”

Mark Roberge, chief revenue officer at HubSpot
and senior lecturer at Harvard Business School

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Writing:
17 Proven Strategies for Content That Wins Customers

Book_03How can you win customers and build credibility, just by writing?

First, you need a solid business idea. Next, you need to read this book.

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Writing demystifies the art of writing exceptional business content for all entrepreneurs (even those who would never dream of calling themselves “writers”). With tangible strategies and real-world examples, this practical guide teaches you how to stop writing mindless babble for Googlebots—and start writing valuable content for actual humans who want to do business with you.

You won’t find any theoretical writing rules here. Only proven ways to make your business content enviably good.

The cold, hard truth is that most business content out there is terrible. And as a career content strategist, Stephanie H. Mann has seen it all. In this book, she shares the 17 best-kept secrets for writing content that wins customers, builds credibility, and helps you eclipse the thousands of other voices in your field. This no-nonsense guide to business writing shows you exactly how to:

• Write high-impact business content that connects directly with your target audience and earns the trust of your ideal customers

• Consistently generate great ideas for your content, maximizing your writing output and eradicating writer’s block

• Implement a foolproof editing strategy that guarantees clean, professional content, every time you write

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How Stephanie Can Help YouIt's about time that your writing did justice to your business ideas

The cold, hard truth is that most business content out there is terrible. Instead of writing helpful articles and engaging blog posts for their target customers, most entrepreneurs churn out mindless babble for Googlebots.

You’re here because you don’t want to be one of those entrepreneurs.

Instead, you want to publish enviably good content. Ridiculously good content. Content that attracts your ideal clients, earns their trust, and compels them to buy whatever it is you sell.

Stephanie H. Mann has built a career working with entrepreneurs just like you: those with a powerful message to share and a unique voice to be heard. All they need are the right words to capture the attention of the right audience. That’s exactly what Stephanie provides.

Working with Stephanie can turbocharge your content strategy and help you start publishing content that actually grows your business.

Stephanie and her team of expert writers and editors offer the following key services to entrepreneurs at any level of experience, in any industry:

  • Identifying the best content strategy to grow your business
  • Writing show-stopping content for your website
  • Scrubbing your existing content to ensure error-free, professional writing
  • Developing original blog posts, articles, and more, based on interviews with you
  • Ghostwriting your very own book manuscript, crafted from your core business ideas
  • Providing step-by-step consulting on self-publishing your book
  • Transforming your audio-visual content into brand new articles, e-books, and more
  • Writing professional scripts to elevate your audio-visual content in all forms

If your content needs a boost, a change—or even a complete overhaul—then Stephanie is the perfect fit for you. Join the ranks of entrepreneurs across the country who have worked with her to formulate customized strategies for content success. With Stephanie’s guidance, you can create spectacular content that leads to more customer engagement.

Contact Stephanie now to start standing out from the competition.

About Stephanie H. MannContent Strategist & Author


Stephanie H. Mann

Stephanie H. Mann is a Boston-based content strategist who helps entrepreneurs attract clients and build credibility with exceptional content. She is the author of The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Writing, a landmark book that teaches entrepreneurs how to write content that wins customers. A regular contributor to The Huffington Post and Entrepreneur.com, she frequently develops content published by Forbes, Fast Company, and other top industry publications. Stephanie holds a bachelor’s in English from Vanderbilt University and a master’s in writing from Emerson College, where she received a scholarship to attend as a Presidential Fellow.

Stephanie has written and edited content featured in:1

Becoming a Content Strategist

Stephanie is a veteran at writing high-impact content for diverse audiences. She cut her teeth as a newspaper reporter and served as an editor at four Boston-area book publishers. Stephanie has published hundreds of online articles as a technology reporter, brought nearly a dozen books to life as an editor, and written features for national print magazines as a freelance writer.

While working as a web reporter, Stephanie saw many writers following newfangled rules for Internet content that valued Google rankings over actual readers. This approach damaged writers’ credibility and failed to generate loyal readership. She soon noticed that most entrepreneurs were making the same fatal mistakes. Stephanie became a content strategist to help entrepreneurs avoid these writing pitfalls, enabling them to create exceptional business content to grow their organizations.

Today, she works with entrepreneurs across the country to strategize the best possible content for their target audiences. Stephanie’s book, The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Writing, teaches the basic tenets of her content strategy for writers of all abilities, across industries.

To learn how Stephanie can help you create powerful content to eclipse your competition, reach out to her today by filling out the form below.

Testimonials for Stephanie H. MannHere's a partial list of testimonials from past clients

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Published Articles

Stephanie is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and Entrepreneur.com, where she shares tips and expert insights on content strategy for entrepreneurs. Check out some of the articles she’s recently published:


5 Reasons Why Your Headlines Are Killing Your Content

Stephanie Mann is a content strategist for entrepreneurs.Far more often than not, entrepreneurs miss the mark when it comes to writing headlines for their content. And when they miss the mark, they miss it by a lot. Bad headlines can kill your blog posts and articles, keeping them out of the hands of your target customers—and burying the value you’re trying to share. Content-killing headlines are a widespread problem for entrepreneurs who depend on business content to build credibility and attract clients. But what, exactly, makes a headline fail? As a content strategist, I’ve seen hundreds of failed headlines across industries. No matter the subject or the audience, they always have at least one of these five fatal flaws. Read the article.


4 Steps to Writing Emails That Convert to Business

Stephanie Mann is a content strategist for entrepreneurs.Every entrepreneur should have a healthy fear of the spam folder. After all, having your emails end up in spam means just one thing: Your target customers are ignoring you. But, you respond, It’s increasingly difficult to write e-mails that convert to business! That’s certainly true. But think of the situation from your customers’ and prospects’ perspective. They’re slammed with probably more than 100 business emails every day, and most of those are tossed aside, or ignored. So, how can you make your emails stand out—and get a response, instead of being getting sent to spam? Follow these four steps to craft engaging emails that convert to business leads. Read the article.


4 Common Myths About Business Writing—Busted!

Stephanie Mann is a content strategist for entrepreneurs.When we’re in school, writing is all about following the rules. Well-meaning English teachers teach us inflexible guidelines for formal essay-writing—and we dutifully follow them. But what if I told you that many of those “rules” were actually myths that destroy good business writing? Throughout my career working with entrepreneurs, I’ve found that most of them follow the same four writing myths from high school English class. It’s time to unlearn these destructive rules that prevent your business content from connecting with your target customers. Read on to discover the four common myths that are ruining your content. Read the article.


3 Simple Ways to Double Your Content Output—Right Now

Stephanie Mann is a content strategist for entrepreneurs.While there’s no magic button to press, there are three simple ways to leverage your best writing ideas—and effectively double your content output, right away. It all comes down to one little word with a big impact: Recycle. Recycling is the key to doubling your content output—and it should be a main component of your writing strategy. Every piece of content you create has the potential to turn into something different, new, and useful for your target readers. When you recycle correctly, successful writing ideas can be repurposed time and time again. This means less legwork for you, and more content for your audience. It’s an efficient and effective way to turbocharge your idea-generation strategy: Without repeating yourself, you can use the same idea multiple times to maximize your writing production. Here are three simple ways to double your content output by recycling. Read the article.


The Surprisingly Simple Trick to Busting Writer’s Block

Stephanie Mann is a content strategist for entrepreneurs.We’ve all been there: staring at a blank computer screen, waiting for inspiration to strike. We type a sentence, only to delete it seconds later. Writer’s block sets in, settles down, and makes itself at home. In times like these, content marketing can be a lonely endeavor. So why do it alone? There’s one surprising trick that can help you jumpstart your idea generation strategy—and it’s all about collaboration. This effective technique will bust your writer’s block and inspire your content. And it’s far simpler than you might imagine. All you need is a means of communication, and another person. Voila—you’ve got yourself an interview. Interviews are one of the most underutilized tricks of the writing trade. They’re an easy, fun, and fast way to spur content creation. Put this method to use, and save yourself from writer’s block time and time again. Read the article.


3 Keys to Writing Actionable Content for More Customer Engagement

Stephanie Mann is a content strategist for entrepreneurs.We can all agree that ideas are good. They stimulate conversation, get us thinking in new ways, and improve our businesses. However, there’s one type of idea that rules the roost: the actionable idea. The only thing more powerful than content that engages your readers is content that compels your readers to take specific action. Especially for entrepreneurs, the difference between regular ideas and actionable ones can mean everything to the success of the business. Indeed, it can have a powerful influence on bottom lines. Why? Because the more integrated your ideas become in your readers’ lives, the more integral you become to their businesses. Read the article.



4 Steps to Writing Emails That Convert to Business

Stephanie Mann is a content strategist for entrepreneurs.Most content marketers struggle to formulate the right strategy. What’s more, the vast majority of content marketers make at least one of the same three crushing errors. These killer mistakes sabotage their strategy from the get-go, ruining the potential of their content to connect with potential buyers. Ouch! “So how do I avoid these mistakes?!” you wonder. I’m glad you asked. Let’s dig into the three crushing mistakes most content marketers make — and how you can avoid them. Read the article.

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