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Your guide to exceptional business writing

“If you’re looking to write content that helps your business grow, then this book is a must-read.

Stephanie provides practical advice for entrepreneurs in any industry today.”

Mark Roberge, chief revenue officer at HubSpot
and senior lecturer at Harvard Business School

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Writing:
17 Proven Strategies for Content That Wins Customers

How can you win customers and build credibility, just by writing?

First, you need a solid business idea. Next, you need to read this book.

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Writing demystifies the art of writing exceptional business content for all entrepreneurs (even those who would never dream of calling themselves “writers”). With tangible strategies and real-world examples, this practical guide teaches you how to stop writing mindless babble for Googlebots—and start writing valuable content for actual humans who want to do business with you.

You won’t find any theoretical writing rules here. Only proven ways to make your business content enviably good.

The cold, hard truth is that most business content out there is terrible. And as a career content strategist, Stephanie H. Mann has seen it all. In this book, she shares the 17 best-kept secrets for writing content that wins customers, builds credibility, and helps you eclipse the thousands of other voices in your field.




This no-nonsense guide to business writing shows you exactly how to:

  • Write high-impact business content that connects directly with your target audience and earns the trust of your ideal customers
  • Consistently generate great ideas for your content, maximizing your writing output and eradicating writer’s block
  • Implement a foolproof editing strategy that guarantees clean, professional content, every time you write

Acclaim for The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Writing

“Stephanie Mann is an expert on how to write exceptional content that engages target customers. I’ve seen first-hand how Stephanie uses the strategies in this book to create tremendous value for entrepreneurs across industries. Anyone who wants to become a thought leader should follow this writing guide!”
Chad Barr, founder and president, The Chad Barr Group

“Stephanie has written a game-changing book that can transform your business content and give you a real leadership edge in your market.”
Thomas J. Winninger, CPAE and author of 7 books

“Every entrepreneur will benefit from reading this book. How to write, when to write, and what to write—Stephanie’s savvy advice covers it all.”
Kim Wilkerson, founder, Wilkerson Consulting Group and co-author of The Language of Success: The Confidence and Ability to Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say in Business and Life (Wilkerson and Weiss)

“If you’re looking to write content that helps your business grow, then this book is a must-read. Stephanie provides practical advice for entrepreneurs in any industry today.”
Mark Roberge, chief revenue officer at HubSpot and senior lecturer at Harvard Business School

“This ground-breaking book is required reading for any entrepreneur who needs to write in order to attract new clients. Stephanie’s ideas are one of the key components to my business growth.”
Marc Wayshak, sales strategist and best-selling author of Game Plan Selling

“If you’re not following the strategies in this book, then you’re missing out on major revenue. Stephanie Mann’s easy-to-follow strategies have helped me grow my YouTube channel to over 100,000 subscribers with 11 million views.”
Adam LoDolce, founder,

“Stephanie helps entrepreneurs navigate the complex world of writing with humor, expertise, and clarity. Every entrepreneur should have a copy!”
Stephen Shapiro, Hall of Fame speaker and author of Best Practices Are Stupid

“Good business writing and successful content marketing isn’t about technology; it’s about the human touch. That’s the basis of Stephanie’s fresh approach to creating content that sells in today’s world—and it works.”
Robert Siciliano, CEO, Inc. and best-selling author

“Stephanie has written the go-to guide for every entrepreneur who wants to write content that converts to actual customers.”
Stacey Alcorn, CEO, LAER Realty Partners

“This book is your gateway to better writing—at a time when good writing has never mattered more in business. I learned a lot and found exercises that will improve my own writing right away. Virtually every entrepreneur can benefit from these tips. Read it and watch your content soar.”
Dr. David DeLong, president, Smart Workforce Strategies and research fellow at the MIT AgeLab

Elements of Style meets Shark Tank! Stephanie has written a landmark guide that shows you exactly how to write for business success.”
Marilee Driscoll, strategy consultant and keynote speaker

“No matter how wonderful you are, if you want to build a brand and drive web traffic, you need top-notch content. Stephanie has written the roadmap—all you have to do is follow it!”
Lisa Earle McLeod, best-selling author of Selling with Noble Purpose

“The strategies in this book will transform your writing and take your content to the next level of success!”
Nancy Michaels, motivational and healthcare speaker

“A fun, informative book that simplifies the complicated process of writing business copy.”
Gary M. Markoff, partner, Sherin & Lodgen

For even more testimonials, see inside the book…

How Stephanie Can Help You

It's time to attract your ideal clients and engage your employees.

The cold, hard truth is that most business content out there is terrible. Instead of writing helpful articles, meaningful bulletins, or engaging blog posts for their target audience, most companies churn out mindless babble for Googlebots.

You're here because you want to cut through the noise and start creating exceptional content.

In fact, you want to publish enviably good content. Ridiculously good content. Content that attracts your ideal clients, captivates your employees, and earns the trust of those around you.

Stephanie H. Mann has built a career working with entrepreneurs and companies with a powerful message to share and a unique voice to be heard. All they need are the right words to capture the attention of the right audience. That’s exactly what Stephanie provides.

Working with Stephanie can turbocharge your content strategy and help you start publishing content that actually grows your business.

Stephanie offers the following key services to companies in any industry:

If your content needs a boost, a change—or even a complete overhaul—then Stephanie is the perfect fit for you. Join the ranks of companies across the country who have worked with her to formulate customized strategies for content success. With Stephanie’s guidance, you can create spectacular content that leads to more customer and employee engagement.

Stephanie H. Mann

Content Strategist & Author
Stephanie H. Mann

Stephanie H. Mann is a Boston-based content strategist who helps companies attract clients, engage employees, and build credibility with exceptional content. She is the author of The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Writing, a landmark book that teaches entrepreneurs and companies how to write content that wins customers and engages employees. A former contributor to The Huffington Post and, she frequently develops content published by Forbes, Fast Company, and other top industry publications. Stephanie holds a bachelor’s in English from Vanderbilt University and a master’s in writing from Emerson College, where she received a scholarship to attend as a Presidential Fellow.

Stephanie has written and edited content featured in:

Becoming a Content Strategist

Stephanie is a veteran at writing high-impact content for diverse audiences. She cut her teeth as a newspaper reporter and served as an editor at four Boston-area book publishers. Stephanie has published hundreds of online articles as a technology reporter, brought nearly a dozen books to life as an editor, and written features for national print magazines as a freelance writer.

While working as a web reporter, Stephanie saw many writers following newfangled rules for Internet content that valued Google rankings over actual readers. This approach damaged writers’ credibility and failed to generate loyal readership. She soon noticed that most companies were making the same fatal mistakes with their internal communications and marketing strategies. Stephanie became a content strategist to help entrepreneurs and companies avoid these writing pitfalls, enabling them to create exceptional business content to grow their organizations.

Today, she works with companies across the country to strategize the best possible content for their target audiences, both internal and external. Stephanie’s book, The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Writing, teaches the basic tenets of her content strategy for writers of all abilities, across industries.

To learn how Stephanie can help you create powerful content to eclipse your competition, reach out to her today by filling out the form below.

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Published Articles

Stephanie is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and, where she shares tips and expert insights on content strategy for entrepreneurs. Check out some of the articles she’s recently published:

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